109: And Then You Hear a Twig Snap…

Back from their fantastic adventures abroad (as told in The Pynchon In Public Podcast Meet the Huldufòlk), our intrepid team covers the chapter 8 of Thomas Pynchon’s first novel, V. Follow the links below for more information, reading, and/or rabbit holes.

Before you do that though, Aug has recently published an amazingly good book about his misadventure in search for a mythological bar in Berlin. You can find it here on Amazon. He’s also written an excellent article about the music scene in 1980s Berlin over at The Quietus.

Alan mentions that the Rusty Spoon, Profane and the Crew’s hangout, is based on the White Horse Tavern in Manhattan.

You can read the article “Paranoid Style in American Politics,” by Richard Hofstadter here at Harpers.

Aug mentions the article “Smoking Dope with Thomas Pynchon.” The folks at the Pynchon wiki have it available.

2 thoughts on “109: And Then You Hear a Twig Snap…

  1. What is the “companion” book mentioned in the episode for V? Thanks, love the show, and glad that you all are back!

    1. Thank you, Aaron. It’s nice to be back.

      The book is called A Companion to V, by J. Kerry Grant. You can find it at Amazon, but I’ve been able to find it at a few libraries.

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