Eight: Interview with the Pynchonite

01.05: Stand-alone episode

In which we celebrate Pynchon in Public Day with an interview Dr. Martin Paul Eve about his newly released book, Pynchon and Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Foucault and Adorno. (Amazon) (Powell’s)

Note: No, you didn’t miss episode seven. We wouldn’t be Pynchonites if we embraced linear narratives and expositions.

4 thoughts on “Eight: Interview with the Pynchonite

  1. This was an excellent podcast. For a subject as challenging as Thomas Pynchon, Dr. Martin Paul Eve was extremely articulate and clear in his discussion of the man’s work – very informative.

    1. 1.) You have a great name. I’m a fan of spoonerisms.

      2.) Yeah, it’s always inspiring to speak with / listen to someone as articulate and intelligent as Martin.

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