Fifty-Seven: Full of Bouncy Houses

4.30: Gravity’s Rainbow

In which we take a look back over all of Book Three, “In the Zone,” of Gravity’s Rainbow.

We’re going to take a little break before we return with The Counterforce. Keep an eye our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates announcing our return.

If you want to hear Das Racsit’s “You Oughta Know,” you can find it here.

You can have a look at Nietzsche’s The Gay Science over at Google Books.

The outro song is “Whatever I Want (Fuck Who’s Watching)” by Death Grips from their album Government Plates. Here’s the full song on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Fifty-Seven: Full of Bouncy Houses

  1. (I think that was me: the person referred to as stating that “in Pynchon, magick always works”

    A Pynchon fan named Robin Landseadel is the person who noticed and made me aware

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