Forty-One: What’s with All These 1700s Hairdos?

04.15: Gravity’s Rainbow

In which we begin our discussion of Book Three of Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow with a look at its first episode.

2 thoughts on “Forty-One: What’s with All These 1700s Hairdos?

  1. Hi team — I’m a late starter, about a year behind. (Thanks to Alan for informing me of the podcast.) But I wanted to add, in regard to Cary Grant and Judy, that he didn’t actually say “Judy Judy Judy”. Here’s what I found in some quick research:
    “Larry Storch inadvertently set in motion the Cary Grant line, “Judy, Judy, Judy…” during one of his nightclub acts. Legend has it that Storch was in the middle of a Grant impersonation when Judy Garland walked in. Apparently, this is how he addressed the star. Even though the line was never said in any of Grant’s movies, Storch’s impression inexplicably stuck and was often used by other impressionists.”

    But my real question here – is Pynchon a fan of the Andy Griffith show? Reason I ask is that Goober used the line “Judy Judy Judy” as his Cary Grant impression. A well-known episode to the Andy afficionados. Check it out on youtube.

    1. Thanks for asking, and it‘s a good question. If P ever consents to an interview, we‘ll be sure to ask!

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