Ninety: It’s Not Logical to Have Bagpipes

05.22: Bleeding Edge

In which we wrap up the book with a look at the final two chapters, 40 and 41.

In the event that, unlike Liam, you’re okay with bagpipes and want to hear Candle in the Wind, you can find that here.

And here’s an example of the great Scottish poet, Ewan McTaegle.


2 thoughts on “Ninety: It’s Not Logical to Have Bagpipes

  1. Yeah the first time I read this book I imagined Misha and Grisha to be brother and sister— and I also thought they were pre-teens (because of their being introduced as gamers).

    Good catch on the “driving ‘Gators through NYC” connection to V. I also noticed the word “merry” in usage twice in that last chapter — perhaps a link to the way V. opens on Christmas.

    1. I am on a personal mission to change people’s minds about the ‘proper’ age of gamers! Hahahahaha.

      Thanks, as always, for commenting and listening, Anthony.

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