Season 04 breakdown; or, in case you want to read along

We received a question on Twitter asking how we’re breaking down Season 04 of the podcast, in which we’re covering Gravity’s Rainbow. We’re posting the response here so that it’s more widely available.

Season 04 will be broken down into four smaller seasons. Each mini-season will correspond to one of the four books within Gravity’s Rainbow. So season 04.1 will cover Book 1: Beyond the Zero. Season 04.2 will cover Book 2, and so on.

Generally speaking, each podcast will cover two or three episodes in the book. Because there are several editions of Gravity’s Rainbow, and because some of these have differing paginations, we’re breaking down our coverage by episode, not pages. A book-episode begins with the seven squares, or in some editions it’s seven dots.

The schedule for Season 04.1 is as follows:

  • Podcast episode 28 (which is episode 04.1.1) covers episodes 1 through 4 in the book;
  • Podcast episode 29 (04.1.2) covers episodes 5 through 8 in the book;
  • Podcast episode 30 (04.1.3) covers episodes 9 through 12 in the book;
  • Podcast episode 31 (o4.1.4) covers episodes 13 and 14 in the book;
  • Podcast episode 32 (04.1.5) covers episodes15 and 16 in the book;
  • Podcast episode 33 (o4.1.6) covers episodes 17 and 18 in the book;
  • Podcast episode 34 (04.1.7) covers episodes 19 through 21 in the book;
  • Podcast episode 35 (04.1.8) is a capstone episode in which we reflect on Book 1 as a whole.

Episodes will be released every two weeks, on Friday, starting on 18 March, 2016. There will be breaks between each mini-season, though we don’t know yet how long a given break might be. One much, after all, indulge one’s mindless pleasures.

We haven’t yet worked out the schedule for the remaining three books, but we’ll post those reading schedules as we come to them. Be advised that reading along with us will take maybe two years.

Thanks for listening, and we truly hope to make reading Gravity’s Rainbow less arduous or at least more fun.

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