Seventeen: Spy Vs Spy Relationship

02.09: Inherent Vice

In which we give our (many, many) thoughts on P.T. Anderson’s film adaptation of Inherent Vice(2014). Also, you’ll want to sit through the credits on this one in order to catch our announcement of Season Three’s book of choice!


The film-within-the-film is, according to Mr. Anderson, a film called The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (1966) However, that film was shot in color, yet the scene in Inherent Vice is in black-and-white. Why?

More research to follow…

6 thoughts on “Seventeen: Spy Vs Spy Relationship

  1. I thought it was Pynchon who walked by twice during the coy and doc conversation @ spotted dick house. He looks into the camera it seems…

  2. Regarding the film they’re watching in Chryskylodon. It’s a short film called Red Nightmare and it is black and white. It’s also just a clip direct from the short itself with Jack Kelly (the actor in it) serving as the role of Burke Stodger used in the film rather than a replication using current actors. You can see the clip used in the film there.

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