Gravity’s Rainbow

Season Four: Gravity’s Rainbow

Gravity's Rainbow

If you wish to read along with us, this guide will help you to know which parts of the book you should read for a given episode. (Note: An episode-break in Gravity’s Rainbow is designated by seven squares, or seven dots in electronic editions.)

One: Beyond the Zero

Twenty-eight: Episodes 1 through 4
Twenty-nine: Episodes 5 through 8
Thirty: Episodes 9 through 12
Thirty-one: Episodes 13 and 14
Thirty-two: Episodes 15 and 16
Thirty-three: Episodes 17 and 18
Thirty-four: Episodes 19 through 21
Thirty-five: A look back at all of Book One

Two: Un Perm’ au Casino Hermann Goering

Thirty-six: Episodes 1 and 2
Thirty-seven: Episodes 3 and 4
Thirty-eight: Episodes 5 and 6
Thirty-nine: Episodes 7 and 8
Forty: A look back at all of Book Two (and Book One)

Three: In the Zone

Forty-one: Episode 1
Forty-two: Episode 2
Forty-three: Episode 3 and 4
Forty-four: Episode 5
Forty-five: Episodes 6 and 7
Forty-six: Episodes 8 through 10
Forty-seven: First half of episode 11
Forty-eight: Second half of episode 11
Forty-nine: Episodes 12 and 13
Fifty: Episodes 14 through 16
Fifty-one: Episodes 17 through 19
Fifty-two: Episodes 20 and 21
Fifty-three: Episodes 23 through 25
Fifty-four: Episodes 26 and 27
Fifty-five: Episodes 28 through 30
Fifty-six: Episodes 31 and 32
Fifty-seven: A look back at all of Book Three (and Book Two…and Book One)

Four: The Counterforce

Fifty-eight: Episodes 1 and 2
Fifty-nine: Episode 3 (Byron the Bulb)
Sixty: Episodes 4 and 5
Sixty-one: The first half of episode 6
Sixty-two: The second half of episode 6
Sixty-three: Episodes 7 and 8
Sixty-four: Episodes 9 through 11
Sixty-five: The first half of episode 12
Sixty-six: The second half of episode 12
Sixty-seven: A look back at all of Book Four (and Book Three, and Book Two, and Book One)
Sixty-eight: A look back at the entirety of Gravity’s Rainbow