Season 6: V

Episode 94: Chapter one, though section two.

Episode 95: Chapter one, section three through the end.

A quick note about the outro songs used for Season 6.

On 7 January, 2020, drummer, lyricist and writer Neil Peart – of the band Rush – passed away. Mr. Peart is something of a hero of mine (Bo), having been an influence on my own thinking and playing and writing since I was in high school. As an homage and honorific, and because the music fit in with the time period and attitude of the novel, I have excised parts of various of Neil’s drum solos to use as outro music for this season.

I tried to secure permission to do this, but my communications were not returned. Presumably everyone in Mr. Peart’s life was going through a very difficult and busy time, and emails from adoring fans such as yours truly were likely pouring in constantly. It was important to me to honor Mr. Peart with one of platforms I have available to me, a platform that would not exist without his influence upon my life. (He was nicknamed The Professor, after all, and read voraciously. Though I’ve not come across evidence that he read any Pynchon. But let’s not hold that against him.) I therefore made the decision to use these excerpts.

If asked by the appropriate persons, I will remove them. I don’t know that Fair Use allows for honoring one’s heroes, and I won’t argue whether it does or not. I can only hope that if I’ve upset anyone in using this material that he or she will know it comes from a place of love.

Rest in peace, Mr. Peart. Exit the warrior.