Because there is a lot of material to cover, we break our podcast into seasons. Each season covers one book, primarily, with a few stand-alone episodes here and there as well.

Season Zero: Episodes 0 through 2

We try to figure out what we’re doing. We talk about Bleeding Edge a little.

Season One: Episodes 3 through 8

We look at the short-story collection Slow Learner and talk about a few of Mr. Pynchon’s essays.

Season Two: Episodes 9 through 17

We take a close look at the novel Inherent Vice, with a final episode looking at the P.T. Anderson film adaptation.

Season Three: Episodes 18 through 26

Discussion of the novel The Crying of Lot 49.

Season Four: Episodes 27 through 68

Discussion of the novel Gravity’s Rainbow.

Season Five: Episodes 69 through…

Discussion of Bleeding Edge.

18 thoughts on “Seasons

    1. Thanks, Ron.

      We’ve had some weird RSS issues but we think they are now resolved and future episodes should be appearing on iTunes when they appear on here.



  1. Listening to Fourteen again.

    Your questions clicked several ideas.

    You fumbled around about the Junior G-Man notion
    and almost said “He got what he wanted but he lost what he had.” That was the title of Little Richard’s autobiography, mentioned in the opening chapter of Greil Marcus’ Mystery Train.

    Asking to what end is Doc pursing this mystery, you nearly asked The Grail Question, “Whom does the Grail serve?” Parsifal didn’t ask it explicitly either, despite a lot of prompting from all the side characters.
    If he had, he would have replenished the waste land.
    As it was, the Chapel Perilous vanished the next morning and those side characters didn’t hesitate from telling him what a jerk he was. The Grail Castle exists outside of time and space, which might explain the missing day.

  2. I’m kinda a monomaniac about the Grail,
    but whenever there is a Holy Fool trying
    to solve a mystery, watch for Grail motifs.

    It explains the missing day. Parsifal enters the castle, but does not ask the Grail Question, despite prompting from all the side characters. He fails, out of “good manners” and gets dumped in the forest where he began, at the time he entered.

    It explains the ending of LOST, too but not Chinatown.
    That was Oedipus in LA.

  3. Yoyodyne. Interested in chatting with you blokes about the upcoming season dealing with COL49, but not sure how to get the signal out. REPORT ALL OBSCENE MAIL TO YOUR POTSMASTER.

    1. Hi Arnold,

      Sorry, I just saw this.

      Send us a private message here:

      Or listen to the first episode of the season, which was released today. It starts with a intro from Bo where he lists various ways to get in touch.

      Don’t worry – it’s not too late to get in on this season!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.



  4. Hey Matt/TRP,

    We released a stopgap ep recently about Pynchon & alcohol. Unfortunately, that’ll have to hold you over until we start releasing eps on the first section of Gravity’s Rainbow. Not quite sure when that’ll be yet. Hopefully before the end of the year, but we haven’t even started recording them yet. :/

  5. Hey guys, love the podcast! Sorry to be that guy, but is there any word on when the first Gravity’s Rainbow podcast will be released?

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