Eight: Interview with the Pynchonite

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01.05: Stand-alone episode In which we celebrate Pynchon in Public Day with an interview Dr. Martin Paul Eve about his newly released book, Pynchon and Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Foucault and Adorno. (Amazon) (Powell’s) Note: No, you didn’t miss episode seven. We wouldn’t be Pynchonites if we embraced linear narratives and expositions.

Four: Get a Guidebook

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01.02: Slow Learner In which we begin our discussion of Mr. Pynchon’s short story collection Slow Learner. First we talk about the Introduction, the only extant Pynchon-on-Pynchon writing available, and then move to the first short story, “The Small Rain.”

Three: A Holiday Special

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01.01: Stand-alone episode In which we offer a gift of readings to you, Loyal Listeners. The Christmas season shows up often enough in Mr. Pynchon’s books, and here are three examples taken from V, Gravity’s Rainbow, and Mason & Dixon. Added in is a little holiday music, arranged and performed by one of our podcasters. […]