Twelve: Pancakes, Lots of Pancakes

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02.04: Inherent Vice In which we continue our discussion of Inherent Vice, moving on to chapters 10 through 13. Has Doc actually made any progress on the case? Is his investigation(s) unravelling, or reality itself? Is Doc an agent of chaos? Are Doc and Bigfoot maybe something more than adversaries? Is there a little bromance in their relationship? […]

Eleven: Personal Moments with Banana Stands

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02.03: Inherent Vice In which we move on to chapters 8 and 9 of Inherent Vice. Doc’s parents, zombies, drug use and addiction to frozen bananas are just a couple of the topics we tackle in the episode. Add in a somewhat lengthy discussion of (post-?) postmodernism, mentions of Arrested Development, and the nature of reality itself and this is […]