108: Maybe the Kazoos Will Save Us

In which we look at the final three sections of chapter seven in Thomas Pynchon’s first novel, V.

Bo begins with a New York Times article by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You can read it here.

Aug mentions an interest piece on Pynchon in the Boston Review.

Bo mentions another piece about Pynchon.

Lastly, Aug mentions the book Stranger Than We Can Imagine, by John Higgs.

2 thoughts on “108: Maybe the Kazoos Will Save Us

  1. Listener from Ontario here. When the discussion of Irish Pubs came up, my first thought was The Irish Embassy in Toronto, was this by any chance the Irish Pub Bo was referring to?

    Anyways, thanks for doing these discussions! Just finished this book a few months back and am currently working through Gravity’s Rainbow. It’s great to have a podcast covering topics and references that went completely over my head.

    1. Hello, neighbor to the north! The Irish pub was a place in Stratford, where I was attending the Shakespeare Festival one year long ago. I believe the place was called Molly Bloom’s.

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