Eleven: Personal Moments with Banana Stands

02.03: Inherent Vice

In which we move on to chapters 8 and 9 of Inherent Vice. Doc’s parents, zombies, drug use and addiction to frozen bananas are just a couple of the topics we tackle in the episode. Add in a somewhat lengthy discussion of (post-?) postmodernism, mentions of Arrested Development, and the nature of reality itself and this is easily the most topic-trodding adventure we’ve brought you yet!

4 thoughts on “Eleven: Personal Moments with Banana Stands

  1. Loving your discussions, guys. Even after listening, there is still so much that goes over my head, and yet is so intriguing. The idea that Doc is really stoned, and how much of what we hear is filtered by that is definitely a concept I’ve pondered. This is coming from someone who tried to smoke a banana peel back in the day. I didn’t like it:) I don’t remember it doing much.
    I’m unclear as to my own feelings about some of Pynchon’s foreshadowing if you will – the whole computer tracking, NSA aspect – The notions seem somewhat diminished considering Pynchon’s knowledge of that future. I don’t know, kind of odd.
    Excuse the rambling thoughts, thanks for helping make sense of the material. Maybe I will try Gravity’s Rainbow again. Yikes. Maybe not; I’m a woman who knows her own limitations. Cheers.

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