Fifty-Four: Lemming Becomes Jesus

04.27: Gravity’s Rainbow

In which we continue looking at Gravity’s Rainbow with a discussion of chapters 26 and 27 of Book Three.

For the curious, you can have a look at the lyrics to “San Antonio Rose”, Major Marvy’s favorite song.

Alan mentions the inter-racial affair of staunchly segregationist U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond. You can find some information about it here at The Washington Post.

And here’s some information on mandalas.

2 thoughts on “Fifty-Four: Lemming Becomes Jesus

  1. Calypsonian The Mighty Sparrow, never content to leave an entendre undoubled, raised the ante to Sixty Million Frenchmen (can’t be wrong).
    In his smutty version, the French have introduced cunnilingus to Trinidad.

    They say Napoleon start dis ting.
    Evry other Frenchman only copying…”

    Here’s a YouTube link.

    Note: this is one of Sparrow’s milder “smuts”. Other songs are much bawdier and funnier.

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