Five: Send Us your Rat Theories

01.03: Slow Learner

In which we continue our discussion of Mr. Pynchon’s short story collection, Slow Learner. The story under our collective microscopes this time is “The Low-Lands.”

Included in this episode is our first “Pynch-song,” one of Pynchon’s many songs set to music.

2 thoughts on “Five: Send Us your Rat Theories

  1. Can I ask what the song is that plays before the Pynchon in public event announcement? Not that I didn’t love bo’s song, but that song at the end sounds familiar and I can’t place it.

    1. It’s been a while since we recorded that one. But if I recall correctly, that’s a song that either Chris made or Chris and a friend of his made. I might be wrong; Chris knows a lot of music that I don’t. But I think I’m right.

      Thanks for listening!

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