Nineteen: Cell-Shock

03.02: The Crying of Lot 49

In which we move on to chapter 2 of The Crying of Lot 49. 

Oedipa heads to San Narciso to begin her executing Inverarity’s will, runs into a not-quite-British-Invasion band called the Paranoids, and has something of a remarkable tryst with a actor-turned-lawyer named Metzger. If you’re not sure what to make of all this, tune in an let our esteemed panelists walk you through some of the seedier thruways and darker intersections.

Just whatever you do, don’t lose your head.

2 thoughts on “Nineteen: Cell-Shock

  1. Could you guys talk about Pynchon and his effect on David foster Wallace? I would love to hear your thoughts. I love the podcast keep up the excellent ramblings.

    1. Hi Matt. Thanks for listening. The influence of Pynchon upon Wallace is…complex, to say the least. A discussion of it, even just for one episode, would require a lot of work. We could maybe do it in an episode between seasons…I don’t know. Thanks for the input. We’ll definitely keep it in mind!

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