Seventy-Six: High Maintenance, but Still on a Budget

05.08: Bleeding Edge

In which we look at chapters 18 and 19 of Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge.

For the next episode, we’ll look at chapter 20.

Liam mentions the documentary A Journey into the Mind of P (2012) which you can find here at YouTube.

You can find the book Pynchon Character Names, by Patrick Hurley, on Amazon here. We’ve used this almost since the beginning of the podcast and have consistently found it useful.

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2 thoughts on “Seventy-Six: High Maintenance, but Still on a Budget

  1. Re Conking, smell: Patrick Siskind’s 1986 novel ‘Perfume: The Story of Murder’ (which you reference) might be in P’s library; it’s also updated/morphed (and is explicitly mentioned) in the 2018 German detective miniseries ‘Parfum,’ which features an anosmic female police detective (call her “Fraulein Bo”). Streamable here on cable.

    Literary and psychological discussion of smell often notes its powerful under-the-radar linkage to memory and emotion, e.g. taking us back to childhood even when we can’t identify the smell or the precise time/place it’s recalling. Physically, it’s more like taste/touch than like “remote” sight or hearing: you smell X only when molecules of X are ACTUALLY DISSOLVING INSIDE YOUR HEAD, SKIPPY! BWA-HA-HAAAA…

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