Seventy-Three: Shark Week

05.05: Bleeding Edge

In this episode – doubly unprecedented! – we discuss chapters eleven through thirteen of Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge.

For the next episode, we’ll look at chapters fourteen and fifteen.

5 thoughts on “Seventy-Three: Shark Week

  1. I believe the Quake reference in chapter 13 is not to the video game Quake, but to the animation engine that powered the game’s cinematics. Fiona’s camp has “Quake movie and machinima workshops”– machinima is the process of using video game engines to produce animated material instead of other methods.

  2. Late to the game, but Misha and Grisha would be boys, as its a callback to the Colonel’s two henchmen in the Cyprian episodes of Against the Day. (now I await my inevitable retro-embarrassment as this is no doubt mentioned in a later episode…)

    1. I *think* we mention that at some point, but as Michelle hasn’t read that book yet she wouldn’t have known.

      1. It was a weird callback I didn’t know what to make of. Usually when Pynchon references himself (as when Bodine or Bodine’s ancestor shows up) there’s continuity of character. Clearly this isn’t the same Misha from Grisha from Against the Day, but given the nebulous (lack of?) distinction between who actually “exists” and who’s “fiction within a fiction” inside that book, I was half-expecting Igor to have a copy of it lying around somewhere.

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