Sixty: A Reasonable – If Gratuitous – Reference to Contemporary Politics

04.33: Gravity’s Rainbow

In which we continue examining Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow with a look at chapters four and five of Book Four.

2 thoughts on “Sixty: A Reasonable – If Gratuitous – Reference to Contemporary Politics

  1. I share some of Bo’s unease with the highlighting of the 175s as camp survivors — but for what it’s worth, GR *has* already presented an even more terribly worked-out example of victims embracing and extending the victimization:

    ” Inside the Schwarzkommando there are forces, at present, who have opted for sterility and death. The struggle is mostly in silence, in the night, in the nauseas and crampings of pregnancies or miscarriages…. Revolutionaries of the Zero, [the Empty Ones] mean to carry on what began among the old Hereros after the 1904 rebellion failed. They want a negative birth rate. The program is racial suicide. They would finish the extermination the Germans began in 1904.” (316-317)

    1. That’s a good point, Monte. Maybe because it was shorter, I didn’t notice that, or it didn’t hit me like the story of the 175s did.

      And, as always, thanks for listening and commenting!

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