Sixty-Eight: A Good Band (or, A Panelist in Ev’ry Mountainside, a Soul in Ev’ry Capstone)

04.42: Gravity’s Rainbow

In which we finally finish our examination of Gravity’s Rainbow.

Thank you for joining us throughout this long season. We’ll be back with Season Five as soon as we’ve had a bit of a rest.

The negative review Chris quotes from by Dan Schneider:

A Suspension Forever at the Hinge of Doubt“: The Reader-trap of Bianca in Gravity’s Rainbow by Bernard Duyfhuizen.

Male Pro-Feminism and the Masculinist Gigantism of Gravity’s Rainbow” by Wes Chapman.

The song at the end is “When You Wish Upon a Star” by Cliff Edwards & Disney Studio Chorus

8 thoughts on “Sixty-Eight: A Good Band (or, A Panelist in Ev’ry Mountainside, a Soul in Ev’ry Capstone)

  1. Her point of view is political, my point of view is asthetic! Beyond satire.

    Is Alan Jordan Peterson incognito?

  2. Gravity controls. Humans, critics, writers, readers, all attempt, but mostly fail to control. I was told in 1973 by a co-worker who was reading GR during our lunchbreak at a linotype shop in Manhattan that: “it’s too deep for you kid, forget you ever saw this book.” I obeyed, although in 2014 I purchased the book (but still have been afraid to open it). Listening to your podcast has given me the courage to at least think about what I may have missed all these years. Thank you fellow lovers of literature.

  3. Hey Bo! I am listening to the GR season (it’s amazing) and I am wondering…is it possible to compile, somewhere on the site, all the movie and book references you all have made throughout the season? Liam and Alan seem to bring up at least one or two every episode and I’ve lost track. Usually I listen while driving or running and can’t write it down at the time. Overall, great job, listening to this podcast has made the experience of reading this book much more rewarding and enjoyable this time around, please keep it up. This is a service the world needs! Haupstufe!

    1. Tony,

      Thanks for listening. This is a great idea, but I frankly don’t have the time to go back and listen to the episodes. If someone wants to compile it, I’ll post it, of course, with credit. I would love that. But it’s hard to run this podcast AND keep up my current levels of paranoia AND have any spare time.

      Cheers, Bo

      1. No sweat. Shortly after I wrote it I realized what a huge task it would be and felt bad for even asking. You guys do enough for the world as it is! Keep on keeping on.

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