Sixty-Seven: Die or Be Arrested as War Criminals

04.40: Gravity’s Rainbow

In which we wrap up the final section of Gravity’s Rainbow with a look back at The Counterforce.

Chris said Slothrop was referred to as an “early Virgo.” Aug said that the phrase was “double Virgo.” In fact, both phrases are used. However, it’s unclear if “early Virgo” is referring to Slothrop himself or a period of the astrological calendar:

  • “So is her son Tyrone, but only because by now–early Virgo–he has become one plucked albatross.” 712 (in some editions)
  • “… a double Virgo for a son” 699 (in some editions)

The excerpt Chris read about how stars work comes from Stars: A Very Short Introduction by Andrew King.

The news story Chris references at the end:

The song at the end is “Into The Void (Filler)” from the album The Most Lamentable Tragedy by Titus Andronicus.

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