2 thoughts on “Thirty-Two: My God, the English

  1. Before I say anything else I have to get this out of the way: Edinburgh is textit{not} in England!

    Now after that unpleasantness…

    I think of Slothrop as a Warner Bros. cartoon at its horniest. You’re meant to laugh at him at the start but by the end it stops being funny because his punishment is so disproportionate. Like Wyle E. Coyote falling into a deep, incurable sadness.

    Also Pynchon often uses this narrative voice where it’s not straight third person narration nor interior monologue. It’s more like the narrator imitating or doing an impression of the character. I’m not sure what the wider significance of that is though.

    Finally I agree with Pynchon that most English sweets are unspeakably awful however I’d like to put a word in for Moffat toffees, fudge tablet and soor plooms. But they all come from Scotland.

    Those are my thoughts for now. Love the show guys!

    1. Sorry about the Edinburgh mishap! We’re totally aware that it’s in Scotland, but everything goes all to hell once the ‘record’ button is pressed!

      Thanks for listening to the show, and for the feedback.

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